Growing urban populations and climate change are placing increased pressure on our water resources, leading communities to use nontraditional water supplies, such as water reuse, stormwater capture, and desalination. To enable safe adoption of these water resources, and to protect the environment from hazardous chemicals, we need technologies that can efficiently address a wide array of contaminants. Our research develops efficient treatment systems, investigates the formation of toxic transformation products from trace organic contaminants, and assesses opportunities for safer alternatives to replace toxic chemicals used in consumer products.

Our research methods include using sensitive analytical techniques, developing experimental methods to investigate chemical transformations, and partnering on pilot-scale projects to advance efficient and sustainable engineering technologies.

Nature-Based Treatment

Designing natural treatment systems that can efficiently treat multiple contaminant classes.

Urban Water Contaminants

Addressing trace contaminants and their transformation products in urban water systems.

Safer Alternatives

Assessing safer alternatives to toxic trace contaminants.

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